VICIA is a brand that was developed out of necessity to support the lifestyle of its founders, who wanted more out of an energy bar than what they found on the market.

Making the Brand

VICIA came to Mindslap at a crucial time in the development of their brand: ready to take what began as a small operation founded for their own edification to a national scale, while simultaneously growing their line of energy bars from one flavor to four.

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As a result of our closely collaborative process, our involvement with VICIA grew from a refresh of their web presence and promotional video to entail a total reimagining of their product packaging. With wider distribution and an expansion of their product line imminent, it was a logical time to update the look of the brand.

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Refreshing their web presence was among the first initiatives that we discussed with our partners at VICIA. The company had outgrown their Shopify storefront, and were ready for a website that spoke to their growing success. A lengthy process that entailed research into VICIA’s demographic, competitors, their company pillars, personality and goals was undertaken, and the identity of the brand was defined and refined throughout a collaborative process that saw us in near-constant contact.

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As a brand moving in a clearly forward direction, VICIA had a clearly defined pathway for growth that included a crowdfunding campaign, with the purpose to support the expansion of their range of flavors from one to four. Mindslap’s video production services were called upon to create an essential component of this campaign, the promotional video. It was time to take the (natural camera-friendly) people behind VICIA and put them at the forefront; to allow the audience a chance to engage with the company’s owners directly, an unobscured glimpse into their company culture, built around their inviting senses of humor and obvious passion for their product and the people that incorporate it into their lifestyle.

"The Act of Conquering"

VICIA is defined by the founder’s of the company as “the act of conquering.” This messaging, in tandem with the “#ConquerYourDay” motto, has been built into the VICIA brand, across their website, product packaging and their promotional materials. This a means of connecting VICIA with what they’ve found to be their core audience: driven people that demand a superior effort from themselves and a superior product when it comes to their choice of energy bar.

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