Our longstanding relationship with Florsheim Homes has seen us collaborate on their brand identity, digital and print materials for their consumer base, and develop tools to help them build their clients’ dream homes. The foundation for Mindslap and Florsheim’s partnership was poured over 10 years ago, when our Founder and President Steve Airola designed their first website. Since then, Florsheim’s online presence has been built from the ground up to be welcoming and easily navigable for its users, giving them the closest experience to setting foot into a Florsheim home as possible. We’ve also ensured that Florsheim is equipped with modern tools (and even assisting in the development of their own custom applications) to manage and communicate their brand.


Florsheim knows that the experience of stepping into one of their homes is unmatched when it comes to wowing potential buyers and communicating the extreme degree of consideration and care that they bring to their designs. Our challenge was to bring the homes to the customer—with a website that adapts to their tablets, phones, or computers—as much as possible, recognizing that it’s not always convenient for Florsheim’s potential clientele to make a trip to one of their communities.

We also made interactive floor plans available on the website, where it’s possible to print specified versions of the floor plan.



Frequent contact with clients is a crucial aspect of Mindslap’s process. It’s important for us to maintain a collaborative connection with the client, this allows us to establish deadlines, go over feedback, they tell us issues once a week and we respond with solutions. As part of this process, Mindslap owner Steve Airola suggested FIX (Florsheim Interactive Experience), a custom version of the website that works similarly to an application.

Additionally, we collaboratively developed the FLIP system with Florsheim, an immense undertaking. With a current userbase numbering around 20, FLIP allows employees of Florsheim to manage the building of the homes, keep record of interested parties, mark significant dates,and manage entire communities.

Visual Identity and Print

In 2013, Florsheim Homes turned to Mindslap seeking an update to their website. This update eventually grew into a complete redesign, initiating the current phase of the working relationship between the two companies.

Beyond the website itself, Mindslap has aided Florsheim with developing and communicating their visual identity; this entails a series of logo designs (including those used for new communities, which are made to appear distinctive but stylistically cohesive) and brochures. Florsheim’s brochures are designed to be viewable in print and online, offering the reader an informative but easy-to-follow means of exploring Florsheim’s option-rich homes.

A Community-Based Approach

Florsheim doesn’t just build homes, they build entire communities. This means identifying locations with untapped potential; plots of undeveloped land that will be transformed into neighborhoods, and often times, first homes for growing families.

Essential to Florsheim’s community-oriented approach is that they have a replicable process in place for developing and showing their homes. For each community, Mindslap develops a logo, landing page, interactive floor plans, site plan maps for web and print, flyers, postcards, artwork, elevations and full brochures. All of these are designed to remain stylistically cohesive within each individual community, as well as with the larger Florsheim brand.

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