Think about your answer for a moment. Forget all you know about your business and take an objective look at your website as if you knew nothing about it.

  • Do the visuals strike you as polished and professional?
  • Do your customers see you as company that cares about quality?
  • Does your brand convey an image of a confident company that can be trusted?
  • Is your website design configured to display properly on mobile devices?

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We’re told not to judge a book by its cover -

Like it or not, that’s exactly what your prospects are doing right now.

There are MILLIONS of websites out there. You are but one little gnat trying to gain the attention of your prospective customers who are forming opinions on the professionalism of your company based on their first impression of how it looks.

And you can believe competition is getting extremely fierce.

A Harvard University Study indicates you have about 5 seconds to make a good first impression.

5 SECONDS! That’s NOT a lot of time. So little time in fact, one can surmise your visitors first impression is formed by the way your site LOOKS – not what it says. One of the hardest metrics to track are those customers you have lost, because they simply WALKED AWAY from your company…without you knowing they were even there.

Seriously – how confident would you feel about purchasing from someone who merely used a thick black marker and wrote on a cardboard box: “For Sale: Quality Widgets”?

Never underestimate the power of brand strength when expressed through a great website design. Showcase your product or service properly and your customers will take your company seriously.

Colors, Images, Layout
- Oh, My!

With all the “do-it-yourself” resources out there, many companies are hurting themselves by trying to shortcut the process. It’s time to face the facts – placing a person behind the wheel of a super-charged race car does NOT make them a professional racecar driver. Just as placing an art brush in someone’s hand does not make them into a Monet or Rembrandt.

Too many websites have been created on this premise: Provide the user the tools and a work of art will come forth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that.

Just as a racecar driver makes many decisions in the heat of a race that affect the outcome, and an artist constantly evaluates, adjusts the colors placed on a canvas – there are many factors that make a good website that properly provide the impression you want to convey and convert prospects into paying customers.

The selection of images, color combinations, strategic placement of graphics – these are all decisions made by professionals when designing a website built to visually communicate in an effective way to those visiting your website.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing a website you are able to create with automated tools will replace a custom designed high-performing website designed by industry professionals.

If your site doesn’t display well on mobile devices – you are losing customers RIGHT NOW

The mobile boom is upon us. Many have abandoned computers at their desk for their phones and tablets to surf the net. How does YOUR site look on these mobile devices? Is it hard to read? Does it load fast?

Your prospects have come to EXPECT your site to look good on mobile – and if it doesn’t, they’re moving on to one of your competitor websites.

Mobile surfing has become such common practice Google recently changed the way their search engine ranks websites. If your site is not optimized to display properly on mobile devices – competitor sites that do are ushered to appear ahead of yours in ranking results!

You read that right, Google is actually penalizing you if you are not accommodating these widely used methods of surfing the net.

Mindslap web design experts make you look AWESOME!

As you can see, there are a lot of important factors that go into making a successful website that showcases your business as a professional company that cares about its customers, provides an immediate positive first impression and uses the latest industry standards to insure proper market visibility.

The Designers, Developers, Creative Directors, and Project Managers at Mindslap LOVE what they do. Really! They live for this. There is nothing more satisfying than to take your raw concept and work together to develop professional eye-candy that will not only visually stun your prospects, but present your company and its product and services in the best possible manner.

Is Mindslap right for my company?

Over the years, Mindslap has provided design services to a multitude of individuals and companies of different sizes. From the one-man operation to the multi-million dollar corporations, projects are custom designed to fit your current needs, regardless of your company size.

Solo Operations

Mindslap caters to “one-man” operations such as Real Estate Agents, Online Marketers, Auto Brokers, Coaches, Trainers, Speakers and more. Mindslap will make your one-man-show look professional and have you standing head and shoulders above your competition.


Helping establish the look and feel of a brand new company is very familiar territory for Mindslap. This is a very vulnerable time for a company and Mindslap understands the importance of establishing yourself strong in the marketplace, allowing you to come out the gate looking like the multi-million dollar company you will become.

Small and Medium Businesses

Mindslap is extremely comfortable in this space and works closely with your team members to present your business in a professional manner. Informational pages, ecommerce solutions or back-office portal design for internal staff – Mindslap is the creative partner you’ve been searching for.

Multi-Level Marketing

Mindslap has experience working with this unique business model. Whether it is designing for corporate presence or sales/marketing/training tools for independent reps, Mindslap will provide your company and team members with professional grade designs to establish a platform for success.

What our clients are saying:

"Mindslap has created some of the best work I have ever seen in the industry - at every level."
- Jim Bellacera Trainer, Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur
"I can't say enough great things about Mindslap. The finished product is, I believe, the best site of its kind I've ever seen, and they did the work more quickly than I could have imagined possible. Use these guys. They're GREAT!"
- Dr. Steve Taubman Empowerment Expert & Results Catalyst
"Steve is nothing short of a creative genius. Mindslap work speaks for itself...Mindslap is truly that agency where you can get anything done. They will hands-down deliver you the best product in a timely manner."
- Josh Delaney Author, Speaker, Franchise Owner, Co-Founder of Doing My Part
"If you're looking for a team of experts to make your online presence known in a creative and insightful manner, then Steve Airola and his team of designers will custom design your web page to your specifications. Try them, you'll be glad you did!"
- Bob Peralta Real Estate Broker, Auto Broker
"Mindslap put together several suggestions based on my input. As the customer I had full control of the final result. The finished product was superb."
- Scott Baker Black Belt Taekwondo Instructor

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