Partnership Program

Leverage the power of a kick-ass brand agency and offer world-class creative services to offer more to your clients and grows your business.

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Grab More Business

Offer a suite of creative services to entice new clients, or re-engage previous ones.
Imagine providing first-class branding solutions that include:

Go the Distance

Several factors play a role in a successful brand message or marketing campaign. Stop getting your client “part way there” and offer a full end-to-end solution where you’ll be praised (and appreciated!) for your efforts.

Look Awesome

Leverage the “shock-and-awe” marketing collateral of a mind-blowing brand agency that makes you look like an a-list Rockstar in tight pants struttin’ your stuff on the red carpet before the opening act at the Grammys.

Bundle Up

Tired of being left in the cold because you were missing a vital piece of the jigsaw puzzle? Bundle your services with Mindslap’s vast creative offerings and start competing at a higher level.

Fish in a Barrel

Mindslap arms you with top-notch training and sales tools to hook new clients – it’s just like shooting fish in a barrel (okay, seriously – who does that?)

Creative Partner

Sell with confidence knowing you have a reliable team of geeky developers, genius artists, forward-thinking marketing gurus, and OCD project managers who’ve got your back.

Ways to Participate


Directly sell Mindslap services to your clients and have Mindslap do its magic while you receive an aggressive commission!


Not interested in doing the selling and just want to send traffic our direction? Sounds good – we’ll pay you a fee when a project closes.


Have an existing agency or creative services company and need help with the overflow? We’re your undercover secret weapon!

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Fill out the form or give us a call and let’s discuss which type of partnership will benefit you the most.

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