The Strongbrook Executive Team

Kris Krohn – Founder

As Founder of The Strongbrook Group, Kris Krohn formed the original vision for a group of companies that would help clients create, manage, protect and grow their wealth. He continues to shape the Strongbrook vision today, providing the energy and inspiration to continually move the company forward to greater achievements. As an original business thinker, Kris ensures that Strongbrook is always “ahead of the wave,” creating new possibilities in the field of wealth development. He plays a leading role in Strongbrook’s educational activities, and continues his career as an acclaimed public speaker. Kris also maintains the company’s orientation to its highest purpose, enhancing the lives of its clients and contributing to a vibrant national economy.

Kris Krohn purchased his first real estate investment property while a college student and owned 12 properties by the time he graduated. A year later he had bought his 25th home and replaced his job with a six-figure investment income. Since then, he has bought and sold several hundred properties, and today maintains ownership in hundreds of positive cash-flow homes. On the strength of this achievement, Kris Krohn researched and created the Strait Path System of real estate investment and authored the book, The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth. Kris has since taught thousands of people nationwide how to invest in today’s real estate market with the least risk and effort while generating the highest possible returns. Kris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development.

Steve Earl - Chief Executive Officer & President

As The Strongbrook Group’s CEO since 2008, Steve Earl creates and develops the corporate vision, strategy and direction, and holds ultimate accountability for their implementation. He sets the company goals and provides oversight to systems of measurement and accountability. He is responsible for implementing the three basic requirements of a successful long-term business: communication, training and compliance. Steve is charged with creating and implementing the company culture, and with safeguarding and optimizing corporate assets. His additional responsibilities include ensuring the highest standard of quality in Strongbrook’s products and services; oversight of all financial activities including budgeting, spend authorization, reporting review, cash flow management, investment planning and investment fund allocations; oversight of corporate policies and procedures; management of all corporate relationships from Independent Business Developers to shareholders to government agencies; strict enforcement of all compliance requirements and the management of legal issues.

Steve Earl was founder and president for eight years of one of largest residential painting contracting companies in Utah, and for two years was vice-president of trades contractors for the Utah Valley Home Builders Association. His real estate experience as an agent, broker and investor has covered commercial, multifamily residences, single-family homes and land. He has personally managed more than 150 real estate transactions for clients.

Steve has held a real estate agent license for seven years and a real estate broker license for four years. In the past, he has also held a contractor license. He holds a BS in business management.

Richard Lamoreaux - Corporate Controller

Richard Lamoreaux oversees finance and accounting for The Strongbrook Group’s family of companies. He is responsible for monitoring and analyzing monthly operating results, managing the preparation of all financial reports and ensuring compliance with outside agencies. He directs financial forecasts and budget functions, coordinates tax return filings, and represents the company externally to government agencies, auditors, banks, investors and the general public. Richard is also responsible for the recruitment, training, supervision and evaluation of Strongbrook’s accounting staff.

Richard brings to Strongbrook his 20 years’ experience in finance and accounting. He has spent ten years in the private sector — seven of which were at management level — and ten years in public accounting. He has extensive prior experience with multi-entity business structures and has knowledge of numerous accounting software programs. He also contributes his experience as a CPA in tax return preparation and audits. Richard holds a BS in business and accounting and a CPA license.

Tyler Bennett - Chief Operating Officer

Tyler Bennett coordinates all the company’s real estate investment services, overseeing the Client Services Coordinator Department, the Acquisition Department, the Insurance Department, the Real Estate Department and the Loan Department. He helps the company conduct financial analyses and oversees the transfer of properties to clients. He also focuses on establishing productive relationships with affiliate partners in various markets. Tyler works closely with his direct reports to manage deal pipelines and strategically allocate resources to meet demand in each area. He collaborates with the entire Strongbrook team to ensure that proper communication to the market sets expectations in accordance with the actual fulfillment process.

As president of a major mortgage company, Tyler managed loans in excess of $600 million, including over $300 million in personal loan production. In addition, he has managed over $60 million in real estate purchases. As an entrepreneur in his own right, Tyler owns a fast growing, award winning day spa salon and boutique in Orem, Utah.

Tyler holds licenses as a Utah residential mortgage loan officer and a Utah principal lending manager. He is licensed as an insurance producer in multiple states. He holds a BS degree in business management.

Bryson Bennett - Director of Acquisitions

Bryson Bennett is responsible for locating and assessing the hottest real estate investment markets. He analyses market positions, identifying homes, locations and grounds for purchase. He also trains Strongbrook REIC staff on real estate strategy, markets, processes and trends. When purchases are made he underwrites and approves homes for submission to Strongbrook REIC clients. He positions assets to generate cash flow for investors, and for future liquidation. Bryson’s other responsibilities include tracking property manager performance and coordinating with Strongbrook Direct’s marketing team to project and meet client demand. He continually searches out new strategic relationships and innovates ways to supply homes to Strongbrook REIC clients. Bryson also manages debit and equity funds to acquire and dispose of real estate in the selected markets, overseeing all accounting for these capital funds. He compiles and presents reporting for the performance of each fund and ensures compliance and proper reporting for tax and regulatory purposes.

As the owner of a development and construction business, Bryson Bennett generated over $15 million in sales in three years, whilst building award-winning homes and subdivisions. As a property manager he has managed over 250 units and currently oversees 300 units in an independent family real estate investment. Bryson held a real estate agent license for ten years and has had a general contractor license for 12 years. He holds a BS degree in accounting.

Paul Janson - Director of Operations

Paul Janson manages Strongbrook Direct’s Customer Support Department, IBD services, fulfillment and shipping operations. He resolves customer challenges to maximize service quality and maintain valued relationships. Paul is responsible for the development of all standard operating procedures for Strongbrook Direct. He writes training manuals and establishes performance quality protocols. He is accountable for continuously reviewing all company operations to raise performance standards, increase efficiency and enhance profitability. Additional responsibilities include negotiating vendor contracts, pricing and payment terms. He coordinates integration of Strongbrook’s business systems with the IT Department. He also oversees Independent Business Developer compliance, and undertakes other project management tasks as required.

Paul has spent 14 years as vice-president of operations for an international direct sales company, and four years as an independent consultant to direct sales companies. During his time as vice-president of operations he spearheaded and coordinated the opening of full operations in 13 foreign countries, including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan and Korea. At the same time he had oversight over day-to-day office operations, creative services, product development and sales forecasting. His real estate experience includes three years as general manager for a construction company.

Paul is listed in the International Who’s Who of Professionals. He holds a BA in business finance.

Christine Graham - Director of Marketing

Christine Graham is responsible for managing new product development, and for the writing and editing of proposals, contracts, creative content and company newsletters. She develops the company’s sales processes. She is also responsible for managing Strongbrook’s marketing staff.

Christine’s experience is in project management, small business operations and marketing. In the marketing arena, she has been responsible for lead generation using TV, radio, newspaper, Internet marketing, webinars, social media, joint ventures and other strategic relationships. Christine holds three degrees: a BA in comparative literature, an MGA in general management and an MEd in guidance and counseling.

Kevin Clayson - Co-Founder

Kevin Clayson was one of the original founders of Strongbrook REIC and has served as a vice-president, coaching manager and primary loan officer for the company. Today, he assists in the production of all marketing and educational materials including writing copy, creating presentations and developing other sales tools for Independent Business Developers and Client Fulfillment Coordinators.

He is also the primary creator of all the company’s educational content for their live educational events as well as for other video and audio productions made available to online subscribers. He is one of Strongbrook’s acclaimed speakers, and can often be found speaking for audiences all over the country at the company’s live events. Kevin’s other responsibilities include assisting with the development of Strongbrook’s corporate vision and strategy, and its company culture. As a corporate trainer, he ensures that employees and independent contractors acquire knowledge of products, customer service and corporate values.

Before assisting with the Founding of Strongbrook Kevin Clayson spent ten years in retail management and merchandising, and nine years in the mortgage, finance and real estate industries. He was both a Senior Credit Manager and Assistant Branch Manager within the Wells Fargo organization, and was a self-employed licensed mortgage broker at the time Strongbrook was created. Kevin holds a BA in political science from Brigham Young University.

Stephen Miller - Co-Founder & VP of Sales & Marketing

Stephen Miller was also one of the original founders of Strongbrook REIC. His responsibilities include building and improving a variety of Strongbrook programs, with a particular focus on marketing and fulfillment. He undertakes the creation and delivery of educational content, directing and producing audio and visual programs for Strongbrook Direct and Strongbrook REIC. Stephen also coordinates with The Strongbrook Group’s CEO to identify and communicate with potential and current shareholders.

Stephen Miller has been General Manager at a leading home inspection company in the Tampa Bay area. He has also worked as a licensed loan officer, and is a recognized industry expert on “compassionate financing,” a subject on which he has taught numerous classes. Stephen holds a BS in international business.

Steve Airola - Art and Creative Director

Steve Airola directs all Strongbrook Direct’s visual communications. His responsibilities include creating educational and marketing videos, and overseeing all the company’s websites.

Steve has spent 15 years in the fields of motion graphics, videography, graphic design, and web design. He has also been active in software programming and social media.

He has owned and operated two Internet and marketing companies, and with Jim Bellacera co-founded Black Diamond University, a training company that generated hundreds of millions in sales for MonaVie.