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Personal Breakthroughs with the Mentoring Network

  • "Lessons learned from my mentors: I am moving forward on my path of financial freedom with conviction. I have purpose in my abilities and goals. My abilities and experiences of my past give me strength. I am happy having let go of the past and moving with the light of my convictions without fear."Mariann D.
  • "My whole life I lived with the belief that I was not good enough - years of betraying what I wanted because I never believed that I could have it. I embraced damaging thoughts that I was less than everyone else. Since accessing the mentors in this program, I see in myself a priceless beauty.”Lisa C.
  • "This program provides direction for my life. Before, I felt like things were going nowhere. Now my life has been changed. I can see a very fulfilling and bright future."James S.
  • "The Network is a life changing experience. I will never be the same. I know now that I can achieve anything in this life that I truly desire. I have learned that what seemed impossible for me can be accomplished. I learned that I have many gifts, and the world is a better place because I am here. I am an instrument in the Lord’s hands. I bring light and love wherever I go. I have been going after goals I felt I should have but now I’m getting clear on who I really am and the gifts I am supposed to share."Cheryl B.
  • "Thank you for the life changing experiences. I went into this with less than an open mind, and today I have made several major changes to my core self. Unbelievable."Matt B.
  • "While in this program I have become so aware of my limiting beliefs and how they have affected my life and my relationships. This has been a very intimate and powerful journey for me surrounded by supportive friends."Ashley J.
  • "I have personal power beyond what I previously believed possible! At one point, I experienced an immediate shift in my physical strength, stamina and energy using the techniques practiced in the program."Wylene B.
  • "People’s openness and generosity in the community is astounding. I was taken in and accepted for who I am. I was given the insight, the power, and path to a fuller, more enriching life. I have overcome obstacles I never dreamed of overcoming. A few moments of focus and a little hard work can change the world in ways I could never imagine."Tom G.
  • "I have begun to create a new life for my family and I. A life of freedom. I gained confidence that I can overcome my limitations and do things I never thought possible."Angela E.
  • "Thus far in the program I have gained the positive experience I need to know that I can accomplish anything I set out to do. I believe I can do anything. I have found abilities that were hidden within me. I had fear and doubts that were just in my head, and I have overcome them."Clint B.
  • "I got involved thinking that I was going to learn how to grow my business. What I learned about was there are things in my life, in my thoughts, in my actions holding me back. I was able to recognize some of these limitations and resolve to overcome them. I learned how to recognize limiting beliefs in the future and how to overcome them. I realize I am capable of whatever I choose to do."Karen F.
  • "Knowing that my partner and I are working together and supporting one another by using the Six laws to achieve our goals makes us greater than the sum of our parts—it multiplies us. I love this program."Mike N.
  • "This program has been the most effective application that I have seen—all of the parts are here."Kyle S.
  • "This experience has helped me to see my purpose and have the courage to let myself go there and be what God intended me to be."Joe B.
  • "I was taught how to overcome all fears and was shown that I am in control of my success and abundance. It was without a doubt the best three days of learning I have experienced. I can now create wealth to help fulfill my purposes."John M.
  • "I am in charge of my own life. I have overcome fears, challenges, and most importantly I have conquered hundreds of limiting beliefs. I am not a victim of circumstance. I am a powerhouse! I choose my destiny, my happiness, and I consciously create my life."Amy M.
  • "Thanks to Kris Krohn and his mentors, I am finally pursing my life’s passion. I’ve quit my job and created a business that serves others and fulfills my love of art. By reading the book, and doing the exercises, I was able to weed out all unimportant distractions and focus on my life’s purpose. Nothing is more liberating than knowing you’re on the right path with your faith, family, and business. The Mentoring Network is the road map that set me on that path. I am now living my life as a creator and not wasting it as just another consumer!"Wes J.
  • "Being a Mentoring Network will transform every area of your life: financial, emotional, spiritual, physical. You will be able to identify what beliefs are holding you back and how to get past them."LaVieve R.
  • "My life is forever changed. I experienced immediate success in obtaining a very important goal within days of having this experience. The way I look at myself and the world will never be the same!"Cheryl B.
  • "The Mentoring Network opened my eyes to what reality REALLY is. Life changing!"McKay M.
  • "That which appears to be impossible is possible. I destroyed hundreds of limiting beliefs."Tracy R.
  • "Because of the amazing experience and life-changing information I received, I am much happier and empowered to choose a fantastic and empowered life."Shanna S.
  • "The best and most complete and easy to implement eternal principled system of manifesting and creating I’ve ever seen."Gerry H.
  • "I am no longer burdened by my limitations. I am a million times lighter, and I know that everything I want to achieve is possible and already coming my way."Rachel P.
  • "I never knew what I didn’t know about myself, and how I was stopping my own success. I will never do this again."Dan W.
  • "My sense of purpose, who I am, and the way I see myself has expanded far beyond what I ever imagined… and others tell me they see it. This network will liberate you to manifest your wildest dreams."Peter B.
  • "This Mentoring Network event is the most life changing event I have ever attended."Steve C.
  • "There simply aren’t words to express the depth of how my life has been improved by the Mentoring Network program…It has been a blessing in every way, and I recommend that everyone embrace this incredible experience."Siouxzie R.
  • "The mentoring is life changing. I noticed immediate results and a new self-awareness so I can continue to make progress."Betty D.