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These are just a few of Strongbrook's world-class Mentors. Dozens of other leaders in wealth, health and personal growth are standing by to transform your destiny. There has never been assembled such a team of global masters — great Mentors standing united to change your life! The Mentoring Vault includes hundreds of life-changing Mentors. New courses with new mentors start every month, and previous presentations are available on an unlimited 24/7 digital basis.

World Class Mentorship

That You Can Afford

Great mentorship has changed thousands of lives. Now it can change yours. Strongbrook's Mentoring Network gives you month-after-month access to the greatest minds and doers in the industry. Each mentor is a master in their respective area and has worked with individuals around the world, helping them to improve their lives.

In addition, you'll be part of a lively nationwide community that's all about personal growth and financial success. You'll get to interact online with your mentors and other participants, supporting and encouraging each other's growth.

Strongbrook is on a mission to share this experience of priceless elite mentorship with thousands of people from all walks of life.

You can access the entire Network for just

$99 per month.


Enroll & Get Started

Enroll in the program and immediately get started collecting your Mentors in the Mentoring Network Vault.


Collect Your First Four Mentors

Choose your individual guides from the “Community of Mentors.” Begin with your first four recommended Mentors. Access and use all the materials they have created for you, and receive your official certification for completing these programs.


Enter the Mentoring Vault

The Vault connects you with all of Strongbrook’s approved mentors who hold the keys to manifesting the results you seek in mind, body, relationships, finances and more.

Collect Mentors

Collect new mentors in the Network, gathering their insights and guidance to transform your life in every area. There’s no limit to the mentors in the Network that you can collect.

Aim to collect 12 mentors in your first year and consistently apply their insights and guidance. If you do that, you can be sure of profound and lasting changes in every area of your life.

You could pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to access ongoing mentoring at this level! can access this total system for change with a small monthly subscription.

How About FREE Mentorship?

Suppose you could get the entire Mentoring Network for… NOTHING! It’s possible, when you simply invite others into the Network. Invite three… and the whole program becomes FREE.

It needn’t stop there. If you love what you experience, and you’re inspired to share the Network with others, you can build a flourishing second income simply by attracting others to enroll in the Mentoring Network.

There are more benefits to sharing the Network with others. You earn Loyalty Points that apply directly to the cost of other programs offered by the Network. As your life expands and your finances improve, you’ll be excited to explore a whole range of higher-level services offered by the Mentoring Network. And you can enjoy all these at a steep discount—or for nothing!—when you attract others to join you in your adventure of growth.

You can even expand your activities to build a cash-flowing business, simply by encouraging others to benefit from the Network.

Instant Impact

Matching Mentorship Program

Here’s one of the most exciting features of the Conscious Creator Mentorship Network. We’re GIVING AWAY an entire mentorship program every time a new person enrolls.

That’s right. The entire Mentorship system will be given to an individual in special need — someone who could not otherwise afford to participate. This unique concept expresses Kris Krohn’s vision to make a huge social impact, and it means that you are directly changing someone else’s life as you transform your own.


Are you ready to improve every aspect of your life? Are you open to life-changing guidance and instruction from world-class mentors? Then don’t delay. Start your journey NOW with a modest investment of $99 per month.

You can even expand your activities to build a cash-flowing business, simply by encouraging others to benefit from the Network.

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