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OK, so what’s the product that millions of people will grab hold of?

Glad you asked, because that’s ANOTHER way we’re shaking things up.

Did you know the personal development market is worth $13 BILLION?

We’re talking about the superstars of motivation and education who are inspiring people all over the world to live successful and happy lives.

Millions of customers are right now paying THOUSANDS of dollars to learn about money-making, investment, wellness and a positive attitude. They’re going to seminars, buying books and DVDs, subscribing to courses…

Imagine they could access that extraordinary experience FREE — on a mobile app and online. Then add the magic UPSELL that makes money — remember, it’s the UPSELL that turns on a massive faucet of monthly cash!

Ready for another shake up? Here it comes!

Familiar with the world of home-business opportunities?

StrongBrook Model
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How incredible is that Strongbrook experience?

We’re talking vital, life-changing education & inspiration that is SELLING right now for Tens of Thousands of dollars!.

But What About the Upsell?

We’ll be pouring our energy into helping make that happen. Strongbrook will be talking directly to your FREE subscribers, showing them the astonishing EXTRA value they can get for a small monthly payment.

In other words, we add our marketing muscle to convert FREE users to paying customers. Of course, the more you do to excite your customers about our paid subscription, the better!

Meanwhile, here’s your first and simplest step… Get in there and GIVE great stuff away for FREE.

You can GUARANTEE that — with a little encouragement — a percentage of your FREE subscribers will take the next step and become PAID subscribers. And when they do, guess who gets cash… ? YOU DO!!

It only takes ONE subscriber at $99 a month to qualify you for limitless CASH payments, month after month.

We’re Going Global!

In today’s wired world, why would you want a business that’s trapped inside one country??? With Strongbrook, you can build your business wherever you have friends — or friends of friends. We’re launching our revolutionary opportunity WORLDWIDE.

Our digital product platform has NO boundaries. Wherever people speak enough English (and that’s just about every country) phenomenal mentoring is theirs to enjoy — instantly. FREE content will be immediately available EVERYWHERE. Paid content will be available in a growing list of countries — watch for a rapid series of announcements as we open one new territory after another!

Now pause for a moment and think about the phrase “home-based business”. What does “home” mean to you? To us, “home” means Planet Earth — with a total market of 7 billion people.

So you see, we’re ready right now to GO BIG.
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