Ultimate 80s Party at Mindslap

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Every Thursday, we get a little nostalgic here at the Mindslap office and rock out to songs from the 1980’s. It all kicks off with “The Safety Dance” from Men Without Hats – every time. A little goofy? Sure. But then again, you gotta be a little “off” to work here. Even Mindslap team members who work from different parts of the world are jammin’ to the massive 80s playlist on Spotify we have compiled over the past couple years.

From Van Halen to Kansas…Toto to Journey…Culture Club to Madonna….the list of 80s music goes on and on. In fact – there are now over 950 songs that comprise over 65 hours of pure 80s magic!

So whether its “Throwback Thursday” or “Flashback Friday”…or you just wanna take a trip to the 80s – checkout our 80’s list on Spotify and feel the groove! Follow us on the list to get all the latest additions!

1980’s Music List on Spotify!

Over 950 songs from the 80s! That’s over 65 hours!

Follow our list here: PLAYLIST LINK