Taming the Monster of Design

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We’ve all heard about it lurking in the dark corners of the office. Business professionals shutter in fear at the mere thought of it. That’s right – we’re talking about the design monster that no one wants to face when designing their company website.

Mindslap takes the reins and helps you tame that unwieldy beast. We are a design monster tamer, if you will. We’ll hold your hand through the entire project and guide you through our collaborative process.

The Mindslap Design Process


Working directly with you, we develop a “sketch” of your website to illustrate how various pages will be laid out. This ensures we are all on the same page before getting too far down the road.

Mockup Design

This is the fun phase! After speaking with you about your business and customers, we use the wireframes to design the look and feel of your website.


Now that the visual design of your website has been completed, our web development team takes over and converts those designs into html/css for display in web browsers. The latest standards are used to ensure proper visibility on desktops and mobile devices.


Once approved by you, we deploy your website onto your company hosting servers for all the world to see!

Systematically and collaboratively progressing through the entire web design process simplifies the entire experience for you. Naturally, Mindslap is here every step of the way to answer any questions and offer suggestions.

Don’t Fear the Design Monster!

So when you are ready to tackle that monster design for your company, be sure to contact the pros here at Mindslap to turn that monster into a purring kitten. Through a proven process of design and development – we can tackle any size of a website project to make your company look awesome!