Facebook Spider Video hits 10 MILLION Views in a Weekend!

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If you’ve been on Facebook since the past weekend, you may have had the startling experience of a spider suddenly crawling across your screen…or, at least something that gave that appearance, before (hopefully!) becoming apparent as a clever simulation thereof, a short video designed by our President and Founder, Steve Airola. The post quickly went on to become the most shared post in our company’s history, and by no small margin.

This is tremendously exciting for us here at Mindslap, and not the least of which because it gives us an opportunity to analyze stats on a level we haven’t been able to before (and when it comes to video metrics, bigger is definitely better).

At the time of writing, we’ve reached over 2.8 Million minutes viewed…which is pretty amazing, considering the video is only 11 seconds in length. We thought it would be fun to break that down:

To watch 2,837,589 Million minutes of video would take:

  • 47,293.15 hours, or;
  • 1,970.55 days, or;
  • 5.40 years

Needless to say, this has blown our expectations away completely. On Friday night, we were excited to imagine that the post could possibly reach 100,000 views lifetime—less than an hour later, it had blown past 1 Million, and it only continued to gain momentum from there.

To those of you that encountered Mindslap for the first time through the video, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves: we are a premier creative design agency located in the heart of California’s Central Valley. We offer a full suite of creative services (including website design, logo design, video production, and much more) to other businesses, which we make available alongside a thorough business diagnosis. Following this diagnosis, we develop and aide our clients in implementing solutions that convey their brand more clearly to their audience, and help to grow their business in the process.

And sometimes, we make viral videos that treat the endless horizontally-stacked boxes of the Facebook newstream like a playground, challenging the way the user perceives and interacts with a platform that has become so familiar and such a centralized source of content to border on mundane. Because assailing mundanity, practicing creativity and having fun doing it are really what Mindslap is all about.