Kevin Clayson, Author of Flipping the Gratitude Switch, Appears on Good Things Utah

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One of the most exciting aspects of working in a collaborative, creative field is seeing how the products and services our clients bring us go on to flourish and change lives once they reach the hands of their users. And “life-changing” is just how many readers describe Kevin Clayson’s Flipping the Gratitude Switch, an extraordinary book for which we were fortunate enough to provide layout and design services.

Clayson’s fundamental concept (a formula for redirecting moments of frustration toward  gratitude) is simple but conveyed in a way that’s engaging and easily implementable. Clayson, self-appointed Chief Officer of Awesome, recently made a visit to Good Things Utah, where he spoke about his work with an enthusiasm that’s hard not to share. Check out the video below:

Congrats on your continued success, Kevin!