Behold, Waffle Wednesday…

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As lovers of design, it’s no surprise that waffles are a favorite at the Mindslap offices. It’s a food with an elegant and sensible geometry: a valley of squares composing a grid-like face, each square an ideal vessel for melted butter, syrup, whipped cream, jam, or any topping one chooses (the creativity and freedom of expression are another reason we love the waffle).

Bearing this in mind, today we happily marked the inauguration of Waffle Wednesdays at Mindslap. Talented assistant creative director and recent birthday boy Jason Leal unearthed his CucinaPro Waffle Maker and treated the team to his culinary expertise. The waffles, some of which are pictured in this post, turned out just as good as they look and were enjoyed by all… Except for those unlucky enough to be dieting (amazing display of restraint, Ronin Dusette)!